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a bit of role playing

I'd always wanted to try a bit of roleplaying, so i decided to put my little plan into action when i saw my boyfriend for the first time in about 6 months. i dressed myself in a cute short plaid skirt, with pink panties underneath, a tight tank top and pig tails.
i wrote up this random "test" that I'd failed in school and came into his room. i was pouting and dragging my feet as i walked over to his bed where he was sitting.
"Daddy, you told me to bring you my test." i stood in front of him, looking at the floor at my ruffly socks. at first he looked confused, but then he started to go along with it. he reached out his large rough hands for the test and i handed it to him. his brow furrowed as he looked at it and he started to shake his head. i knew then that i was in big trouble. my eyes welled up with tears a little and i hung my head. he looked at my sternly and said,
"Gabrielle, you know you are going to have to be punished for this right? how many time have i told you that you need to do well in school. you are such a naughty little girl."
i started to cry a little and begged him no and told him id be a good girl and that his baby girl was sorry but he said he didnt care. i tried to fight him as he picked me up and put me over his knee. i started to kick and he told me that it would be even worse if i didnt stop. i complied, regretfully and sighed deeply, trying to keep from sobbing. he started spanking me with my panties on first, his large hand slapping my bottom. i could feel it redden with hottness and then he slowly slid my panties down and he was spanking harder...
i was moaning and yelping and asking daddy to stop. my ass was so hott and it hurt, but i knew that i was getting wet. he stopped spanking me suddenly, and i thought my punishment was over, and then he started to rub my ass. he was being gently, trying to make me feel better, or so i thought. i let out a small moan and he slapped my ass again hard, and told me to stop being naughty. i bit my lip hard and he just kept spanking.
i whined to daddy, telling him to stop it and his response was pushing his finger into my pussy. i gasped and my hips bucked a little and he told me me that i was getting wet which waranted more punishment and he spanked me more as he stuck another finger inside of me and fingered me whilst he spanked me, until i was cumming hard and my hips were bucking.
soon, he thought i was punished enough. he let me get off of his lap and lay back on the bed. he held me and cuddled me, telling me that i needed to be daddys good girl and not get into anymore trouble or next time it would be worse.
i told daddy that i was his baby girl and that i was sorry and would be a good girl from now on. i told him that i loved him and he help me close as his fingers moved to my clit and he began to rub again. i came almost instantly as he dipped his finger into my pussy and back out again to my clit. he kissed my forehead and told me that daddy love his baby girl and stroked my hair until i fell sleep snuggled up with him.

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