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Sore, by Red...BW...R BtVS

Joss' folk. there any other...others, too.
rated R
Summary: Thoughts from various Scoobies. The FIRST is gone and everyone's relocated to the new hellmouth...and Anya is NOT dead.


Xander stared at the puffy Xander suit in front of him. Good ol' Will...after getting settled into their new home on the other hellmouth, his oldest and bestest friend had created a brand spankin' new and improved puffy Xander suit for him.

After all, there were now LOTS of slayers for him to train.

Reaching out, he brushed his fingers gently over the uber soft and he prayed, durable thick padding...and sighed. Tomorrow he broke the virgin suit in...tomorrow, puffy Xander was back.

His head swam with the infinite images of slayer after slayer pounding him. He knew, come the weekend, every inch of him would be sore. His back, shoulders, legs would ache in the worst way. He wouldn't be able to get out of bed Saturday and Anya would be fussing over him with her hot towels and massage oils.

A smile crossed his handsome face.


Giles held the ice pack to his head, sipping his whiskey induced tea. His mind flashed back to his first weeks with Buffy and he smiled, despite the throbbing in his sore temples.

He had thought the blonde was a test of his patience. Oh little did he know...not in his wildest dreams did he ever imagine that he would have 85 Buffy's at one time.

The mere thought made his head ache and he sipped faster.

He would face this challenge just as he had every other in his life...with grace, dignity, prayer...and of course, hiring watchers to work FOR him was at the top of his, to do list.

After all, he WAS the council was his duty to rebuild the council, deligate responsibility, turn the loveable yet bratty teens over to responsible young watchers such as he had been. Let them handle the impending doom of a lost scrunchy or missing compact disc.

He had served his time, twice over, with Buffy.

His tea now empty, he stood to refill, wincing as echoes of the early, my breasts are bigger, arguement, flooded his head.

Dear lord, they were the single most important weapon against the forces of evil...did cup size REALLY matter?


Vi stepped out of the shower and dried herself off carefully. She was thrilled about being a full fledged slayer, able to kick evil butt without batting an eye. She was less thrilled with the after effects of that, butt kicking.

Her entire body was one big bruise and her left shoulder felt as if it really had tried to disconnect itself from the rest of her.

Sure, by morning she'd be almost completely healed, the pain nothing more than a memory. But tonight, tonight she was queen of the sore kingdom and ready to collapse into bed, naked as the day she was born.

The mere thought of anything touching her body made her cringe in pain. Even the light, cotton tee she usually slept in was the enemy tonight. Nope, no touching of this slayer's body...unless, a certain dark haired slayer with a prison rep and doe eyes wanted to...massage the pain away...

Dropping her towel into the hamper, the redheaded slayer stepping out of her bathroom and into her bedroom, stopping when she saw doe eyes smiling at her from her bed.

"Natural redhead...damn."

Vi's heart was no longer beating...this had to be a dream...she'd fallen asleep in the shower.

"You kicked wicked ass out there, girlfriend," Faith went on, grinnning from ear to ear. "Saw that shoulder take a hit...thought maybe it needed some tlc." She sat up, kicked her boots off and held up the jar of special muscle rub Willow had made...the basement was stocked with it. "Come on, Red, don't be shy...we're all slayers here." She wiggled a brow and patted the bed.

Vi's heart finally started beating again and she stepped over to the bed, sitting down next to her fellow slayer, still quite sure she was asleep...until Faith leaned in and placed a soft kiss on her lips.

"Don't worry, Red...I plan on taking good care of you from now on." She brushed Vi's wet bangs out of the girl's eyes. "After I take care of this shoulder, I'll need to check every inch of you. Gotta make sure my girl is ok." Faith's smile vanished for a moment. "You wanna be my girl, don't ya?"

Vi nodded, even tho' it made her pain mutiply.

"Yes, your girl....uhhuh."

The smile returned to Faith's lips and she kissed her again, then situated herself and began applying the special rub.Vi's eyes closed as the elder slayer's gentle hands worked on her shoulder. Oh gawd! How could hands that tear a polgara's head off be so gentle, so tender? The biggest smile ever crossed Vi's face as she fell into Faith's attentions.

She loved being sore.


Willow half moaned, half growled, her fingers tight on the iron bar of the headboard, her head lowered, her ass raised. Oh she was going to be feeling this through the weekend, there was no doubt about it.

She smiled.

The sweet juncture between her thighs throbbed deliciously as one of Buffy's faux cocks slammed in and out, keeping perfect time with the one that was pounding her well spanked bottom. Each hard thrust not only sent slayer strength jolts of pleasure through her entire body, but also reignited the fire the blonde had earlier set on her ass, as Buffy's body slapped hard against the witch's fire engine red flesh.

Her head gently yet firmly pulled up, Willow panted, moaned, purred and pleaded for mercy...praying her slayer would show none.

On her knees, hair damp, eyes wild, a grinning Buffy held onto her witch's hair with one hand, slipping the other between wet Willowy thighs. Leaning to her mate's ear, the slayer teased her lover's oh so sore clit with two fingers, while whispering into her ear, not missing a thrust.

Willow's moan turned into a howl and she came hard as two fingers became four.

Buffy kept going.

She loved when her witch was sore.


The heavy bag flew across the room, slamming into the wall. Kenndy growled, muttered a few choice words under her breath and strode over to it, kicking it with all she had.

That witch!

Why the hell would she want Buffy and not her?

It had been 3 months since the junior slayer had been let go as nicely as possible from Willow's heart but she still hated both of them. Why shouldn't she? Not only was she dumped, but for Buffy! Plus, now she had to live in the same house, hearing them every day and night...gawd, was THAT all they did?

Willow's howl rang through the house.

Kennedy kicked again and the bag split open.

Yeah, Buffy and Willow were a definate sore spot with her.

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