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True Account...looking for more

Please read and tell me what you think. This is a moment of honesty about self, take it or leave it. If you leave a response, you are required to leave information about yourself in order for me to respect this response. Ideally, I hope this either offends its readers or provokes interest. Either type of response is a sign that my readers are thinking.

I am Ryan Versaw and I have a fetish. A fetish is any object or nongenital part of the body that provokes a habitual erotic response. Most Americans have some type of fetish and are unaware of this fact. Spanking has fascinated me since I was about thirteen years old and this interest has blossomed since that time. Pain is a positive response for me and keeps me current. It began with internet research and testing my pain threshold by hitting myself on the buttocks with my hand, belts, coat hangers, switches, and various implements in order to test how much pain I can tolerate. This sharp, brisk pain sensation with produce fairly quick arousal and I began to expand that research by discussing this with anyone I could find.

The first experience I had in deploying my fetish was in 2005 when I met a girl named Rosalyn in the summer. We began growing close and became infatuated with each other before this feeling grew into love. During an intoxicated evening we lost touch and while displeased with me began flirting with another boy in an attempt at revenge. The following morning she admitted in a wave of guilt that she hafd cheated on me and that she would like to make it up t me. I thought for a moment and said that I was still angry and that I would need to punish her before I forgave her.

In a hotel room that following night I held her in my arms tightly and rubbed her back until I could smell a scent that pointed to her arousal. She told me that she was sorry and I responded by saying that she would be. I slipped her left arm over my head and guided her over my lap. Alternating cheeks, I began to spank her in a slow, rythemic fashion while slowly increasing speed. As she tried to reach back and cover herself, I grabbed her right wrist and paused to rub her back. Reaching under her hip, I unbuttoned her jeans and slipped them over her rounded thighs and down her fluid legs and down to her shaking knees. This time I began hitting her harder while remembering my anger and disappointment at discovering her betrayal and increased my speed. Rosalyn squirmed and snaked her body back and forth while beginning to moan. I kept up this rythemic paddling at an echoing velocity until I began to hear sniffling. The crease between her thieghs and v-neck of her panties grew a crimson color.

By now she had bgan crying but kept her composure well. I pressed down on her lower back and she exhaled a louder, more pleasurable moan as I rubbed her back. Sobbing, she caught her breath. Scent filled the romm alarmingly as she breathed heavily and looked back and me with imploring eyes that wondered when this would stop. For a moment I almost gave in but remembered how much I was hurt by her. After staring at her beautiful back half and stroking her neck, face, back, and the area that had taken the majority of the punishment, I ensued.

This time I unleashed blows with my open palm at a slower pace but wound up further and struck harder. After each blow she cried out and began to plead. This is how much she had hurt me and I told her this during another pause. She was both in pain and highly aroused and the essence emanating from between her thighs informed me of this. I slowed the pace significantly but struck harder, waiting longer between cracks of my palm for her to cry while messaging her back with my hand to console her. Making hushing sounds persuaded her to lower her volume but by know she lamented continuously.

Standing her up, I wrapped my arms around her upper torso and she burried her face in my chest. Her cheeks felt wet and warm with tears as I made contact between the side of her face and mine. The sobs quieted and transformed into heavy breathing as I caressed her shoulder blades, back, and upper legs again. A familiar moaning sound returned to my ears. I lifted the long shirt and touched the bare skin on her lower back while digging into the baby soft flesh with my fingertips. When she looked up at me I could see her dialated pupils. which had grown to the size of glossy black holes. Sarcasm ripped the top off of her tone as she asked if that was supposed to hurt.

I grabbed the waist band of her panties and jerked them down to her knees as she sharply inhaled. With one hand she tried to stop me but to no avail as she cover herself instead. Bashfully she stared at me as I grabbed a belt that hung off of the back of a chair. Whimpering and protesting, I ignored her and pushed her back over the side of the hotel room bed and used one shin to hold down her back and my arm to pin her elbw at a ninety degree angle behind her back. For a moment I bent down and admired her vulva, concealed like a rosy flower that stood for the shame she hid from the world.

Wrapping part of the belt around my hand, I wound up and swung the tip into her fleshy bottom. With a crack it echoed and she issued a yelp. A purple, elongated welt formed across her upper cheeks as she followed her cry with a several reverberating sobs. I counted the second as she opened her mouth wide and lashed her head back and hollered with a chain of sounds that mimicked the alphabet's first letter and kicked her legs repeatedly. Rosalyn repeatedly apologized for her actions and repeatedly asked me to stop. I told her that there where eigtht more and that I was almost done, gently stroking her back and messaging her thighs. A brutal kiss of leather and skin took place as I counted the third lick of the belt, landing just below the second, followed by a wail echoing the words no more. Pausing, I added and verbalized a fourth stroke in the series of long, imprinted u-shaped welts. The scream was sure to be heard next door but I remained apathetic as I unleashed a fifth and sixth blow in rapid succession.

By now it was difficult to keep her restrained as she wailed continuously and whipped her body in several directions at once. I kissed her on the cheek and softly assured her that I loved her and, with her permission, stroked the soft lips of her vulva, which quieted her screams immediatly and allowed her mouth to fall open. Quickly finishing the last four with guilt, I melted her into my arms while she cried and apologized for cheating on me. Removing her own shirt and white, silk bra, zhe nearly ripped the seams of my shirt while taking it off and bidding me to remove the rest of my clothing. Liberated of all clothing and anger, she breathed a sigh of relief as her oder grew to its peak and the bloom between her legs grew moist. Fire ignited me as she touched my tender lips to hers and we fell to the bed.

I am frantically searching for a woman to return a favor like this to me who dabbles in pain and would not be too emberassed to punish me for a great number of things I feel guilty of. If you are even remotely intro BDSM and enjoy pain please help me out. You can respond or email if you are a WOMAN and are interested in experimenting with pain and would be willing to inflict it upon me or visa versa. Men, you afre welcome to respond with stories of your own or oppinions of what you read via this journal. Dig in

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