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Fic: Hell to Pay

Captain America and Agent 13 go on a mission together. Steve's willingness to throw himself in harms way to save Sharon causes a disagreement between them and they struggle to figure out how to deal with their argument.

Rating: NC-17

Warning: Spanking (...is that REALLY needed on this page? LOL.)

A/N: If anyone ever gave me an awesome Agent 13 avatar, I might have to marry them. Seriously. (I might write them a story too.)


Four and a half hours ago, Steve and Sharon had been running down the hall of a Hydra safe-house, oblivious to anything but the screaming roar of the alarms. They had stood shoulder to shoulder and glanced around corners only as briefly as they could justify, weapons raised high and Steve inevitably taking the lead. He had known even at the moment that he was doing so that his girlfriend’s expression was growing more and more grim but that was, for the time being, the least of his worries.

 It had been entirely unintentional that Captain America would join the rest of the SHIELD agents on the mission that day but no one really could begrudge his insistence after the accidental slip of information to him. When he had heard that the Neo-Nazi group was so close, he had yanked on his mask without another word. He was going with them whether they liked it or not because to him, all Nazi groups were personal.

Sharon had relented with a cool “Fine, Rogers” because really his added help was nothing but useful to them. So they had slid into the base without much encounter, easily avoiding most of the laser triggers. They hadn’t planned on the door to the bathroom being triggered and they wouldn’t have opened it if they didn’t have to pass by through the hall. Logical had told them that they didn’t want Hydra Lackeys behind them but logic hadn’t told them you weren’t allowed to use the restroom without a hall-pass of sorts.

Hydra agents had poured out of seemingly no-where, eager as always to engage any form of attack if it meant protecting their base. They had fought until Steve’s eyes caught a flicker of light from under one door and he had thrown himself at it, attacking the Hydra in the way and taking no small amount of cuts to his shoulder when he let go of his shield. It had spun its usual path, clearing the area enough for him to proceed.

Meanwhile, Sharon continued with the rest of their agents to mindlessly beat angry hive-minded lackeys, an angry shimmer in her eyes.


The door to Steve Rogers’ apartment slammed shut so loudly that the walls around it seemed to shake. The house was dark, a street lamp near by a window providing the only light to speak of but Agent Thirteen threw herself onto the couch without turning on the lights. Darkness was good enough for the conversation that she wanted to have with him. Captain America flicked the lights on as he entered the room behind her, meeting her narrowing eyes as he did.  

Her expression was one of perfect rage and distaste and he could have screamed his annoyance at her when he saw it. Instead, he walked his coat to the closet and hung it up, picking hers up from the floor as he passed. He would have asked her if he should have taken it but he wanted her to stay tonight even if she didn’t. She was angry enough at him that he could feel it in the air and as far as he could tell, she didn’t have any right to be.

“You fucking cock-blocked me, Rogers.” Sharon snarled as he came back, pulling her gun from its holster and placing it down with a loud ‘clunk’ on his coffee table. He crossed his arms at the display of anger, looking down at her with an expression of disbelief. “I didn’t want….” The calm and soothing words had barely come out of his mouth when she threw her petite hand out at him, flipping it over at the wrist to dismiss him and shaking her head.

Perfect red lips parted and let loose a snapping commentary, a hiss hidden under her tone. She sounded more annoyed at this than she had at most of their arguments before. “I don’t appreciate being ‘taken care of’, Captain. I would think by this point you’d have managed to let go of your out-dated ideals for long enough to remember that I’m a trained agent, not some pin-up ‘dame’ you need to watch out for!” She kicked her white boots to the side, where they landed under the coffee table.

“Sharon, you aren’t really giving me a chance.” Steve sighed in frustration, crossing his arms over his chest and frowning. He loved Sharon but she was one of the hardest people to discuss anything with rationally that he had ever met. He couldn’t recall the situation being anything as she implied and as far as he could tell she was blowing the whole affair out of proportion. He had never though of his sweetheart as anything short of an accomplished assailant. She wouldn’t hear it though and as she growled out her complaints to him, he tried to keep his mind open to her words.

Soon enough however, he realized it was impossible for him to take her begrudging sympathetically. He would have done that ten times over, to her or to Nick Fury or to Falcon. It wasn’t that he didn’t respect her skills or that he thought she needed him desperately; it had been an attempt to protect someone he loved. “Enough.” He finally growled, a hand moving out to push long blond locks back over her shoulder from where they had fallen free. Her gaze softened for a moment at the gesture but then she slapped his hand away harshly. “Don’t tell me, enough, Captain. I could have you out of this mission so fast…”

Her threat couldn’t be filled however, because Steve pulled her up by her hand quickly and into his strong arms. Her eyebrows raised in mock surprise and she let one hand stroke his chest tenderly, the gesture more sarcastic than anything else. She could feel the raised lettering of his dog tags under his shirt and she rattled them as she spoke. “Going to break my resolve with a kiss, charming?” She mocked, fingers still feeling his figure with pleasure despite her words.

“Something like that.” Was his reply before she found herself turned over the arm of the couch, backside raised high into the air. Steve’s hand was faster than her realization of the postion’s meaning and she just had her palms on the cushion trying to push herself off when his palm landed against her backside. She gasped loudly in shock, hand flying back towards her bottom defensively only to have him grasp it by the wrist and push it up to the small of her back.

Another hard slap landed against her backside and she struggled against his hold, kicking back and growling. The smack of his hand against her burned both her skin and her pride, and she screamed in embarrassment at his method of diplomacy. “You are so going to regret this!” She snapped, squirming and pivoting to try to find a better way to get away from him without wrenching her wrist or shoulder. A hard slap made her squeal and she shouted another threat. “I’m going to make your new position be as my secretary! Your pay is going to be cut so hard you’re going to have to take up dancing in gay bars!”

Steve chose to ignore that comment for the time but instead finally tried to tell his part now that he had the upper hand, punctuating his points with slaps to her black latex covered backside. It was as adorable picture as he could have thought, but he did his best to be objective. “I didn’t ‘cock-block’ you, Sharon. I took a bullet that you know the shield can withstand.” A growl and a kick that barely missed his knee was her only response. “I would have done the same for Sam or Peter and you know it.” He sighed, catching the other hand that flew back to hit his wrist, her struggled brought her figure to his attention more than before.

His fingers hooked into her pants and within moments he had worked them down despite her struggles, baring her small black panties. Cool air rushed over her and she screamed with annoyance and renewed her struggles as he spanked, kicking and cursing him with every bit of her strength. The slaps hurt more on her bared skin and she kicked her legs up and down, trying to avoid begging him to stop. “You misogynistic old bastard, I swear to God the next chance I get you’re going to wish you hadn’t been born with a dick!” She wailed, pulling up as best she could to get away from the arm of the furniture.

The longer he spanked her, the more she fought till she suddenly felt him slow down to rubbing her warmed backside. Inhaling and exhaling angrily she could almost hear his smile behind her when a gentle caress ran across her panties, fingers working themselves into the crotch through a leg hole. She couldn’t help that her lover was so handsome even when he was being a jerk and she shuddered as a finger touched her. “And here, I thought you were protesting this.” Steve teased.

“You can’t be wearing damp knickers for the rest of the night.” He whispered and she found herself raising her hips to help him slide down her panties. He tossed them to the side with her pants, eyes working over her with pleasure. His fingers rubbed against her arousal teasingly for a moment then and her eyes had closed with enjoyment before he stopped. His hand rose again then and landed against her bared bottom with a resounding smack.

She groaned and pressed back down against the arm, using the slant of her lean to reposition her foot hard against Steve’s chest this time. He stepped back with a startled groan at the contact; he hadn’t expected her to kick him this far into the game, at least not with that amount of force. She turned around then and stood up, flipping her hair over her shoulder casually. She met his eyes then with a look that foretold doom. Steve held his hands up in the air when he saw it; this was not an expression that could be fought. “I’ll take any punishment you want to offer, Ms. Carter.” He consented, his features as cool and reserved as ever.

Sharon smirked at Steve’s words, sweaty blond locks falling messily into her face. Her make up had run around her eyes and there were tracks of black mascara against her cheeks that Steve couldn’t help but find beautiful. She may have been at her most submissive state for one brief moment with him, but now once again she was in control. “You fucking bet you will, Rogers.” She declared and then her hands were around his neck, pulling out his dogtags. She clanked them against his chest again, but this time the edge turned in to leave a nice bruise in its wake. It would be easier to explain in the shower than the nail marks she was leaving against his throat.

Her hands slid up under her shirt then and as she pulled it off as she walked to where her pants had been dropped. She unhooked her bra quickly and dropped it into the pile before casually removing a pair of handcuffs from her belt and returned to his side. Holding the silver loops up to his azure eyes, she spoke in a hard and demanding voice. “I’m willing to let you learn your lesson with me or with the court. Which will it be, Captain?” When she played, she played hard. Seeing the look of honest surprise in his eyes, she smirked.

Getting Steve down on the ground wasn’t any harder than simply pointing at it because he lived to obey orders. Once he was on his knees Sharon undid his belt with one hand, the other running across his chest with interest. He was obviously still aroused and for a brief moment Sharon considered ordering him to turn the other way and giving him a taste of his own belt. She thought better of it when he brought a hand up to run against her face, wiping away a line of make up. Saving himself unknowingly with that sweet gesture, Steve groaned in disappointment when Sharon handcuffed him.

“Shut up. You’re going to take this and you’re going to love every second.” The agent snapped, frowning at the man below her as she unfastened his pants, pulling them sharply down to his thighs, his underwear following quick suite. She ran her hand up and down his arousal momentarily before nodding her approval and standing up. She pushed him to the floor with a quick shove. “Stay.” She ordered, pointing a red painted nail at the man lying on the floor. Steve raised an eyebrow and nodded his head once.

“Yes, M’am!” He sarcastically saluted, his arms both rising with the chain of the cuffs clinking between his wrists.  Sharon snorted at him in her best show of exasperation and retreated into his bedroom, routing through his dresser drawer until she found a packet of condoms. It took her longer than she would have liked considering how neatly he organized the drawers, but she found them beside lube that she forwent. She tore the tin package open with her teeth as she returned to the livingroom, pulling the thin latex guard out and kneeling before her lover. He lowered his hands to help her slid it on silently, receiving a huff in response though she allowed him to secure it.

Just as he soon as he had finished, she grabbed the links of the cuffs and pinned his arms above his head with a hand. Her other hand guided him into her and she began to move quickly and eagerly, finding a pace that pleased her within a moment. Steve gasped beneath her in that deeply sensual manner and she smirked down at him, pushing down till her knees hit the floor. She groaned with a twinge of pain at the hit of his arousal inside of her; that was when it felt the best, when it nearly made her bleed.

The thrusts were achingly slow for her boyfriend but he struggled to keep in time with her; even now he was a lover who was desperate to please.  The blue eyes that she stared down into flickered with enjoyment, and Sharon bent forward, pushing down hard enough again that they closed. Long eyelashes stood out in her mind, beautiful as they fluttered against his pale skin. Hot surges of pleasure were running up through her from inside, striking her in a way that warned her of her timing.

Her thrusts quickened then so that she was barely pulling herself up before she came down all the way again. It was a roughness that she loved, a pleasure that was so unique to the experience of their lovemaking.  Small short jolts of pleasure ran through her as she continued and her lips trembled as they parted. “Steve…” She hissed and her hands both moved upwards, gripping his blonde locks tightly enough that he grimaced. Her knees tightened at his waist as she brought herself down once more, harder than before. Blackness speckled in her vision finally and she moaned deeply as she came.

 Lying against her lover’s chest in her trembling relief, the agent kissed his neck softly as she regained her composure, breathe warm and gentle against him. Steve smiled adoringly down at her in his loving way but that expression changed quickly as she stood up. “Sharon?” He inquired as she moved away from him, walking to her pile of clothing with a pretty put-on swagger. She slid on her pants with a wiggle of her still pink bottom before she bothered to turn to him, zipping them up and looking back to him casually. “Yes, sweetheart?” She mused as she picked her underpants off of the floor.

Steve said nothing, his silence was enough to say that he understood what her intentions were now. She put her bra on with a long drawn out reversal of stripping, sliding her arms through the straps slowly and then reaching behind herself to hook it. Steve swallowed a protest as she bent over to pick her shirt up off of the ground, watching her creamy breasts with a frustrated desire as she slid it on. She stepped into her boots at the same time that she hooked her holster back onto her belt, smiling teasingly behind the veil of her hair.

As she walked past her lover, she dropped the key to the handcuffs beside his palm. “I’ll see you in the morning, Captain.” She called and the door closed behind her with a definite click.


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