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Next chapter of Fates worse than Death ;)

Steve's stomach was full of butterflies. What did she mean by making sure he was 'fit' for any purpose? Nadia was in the lead followed by Steve with her two guards side by side behind him to make sure he kept up the pace. The hallway held many solid oaken doors along their path; none were unique other than the fact they all locked from the outside; the locks were top notch only accessible with a punched in password and fingerprint identification.

Nadia had done her homework it seemed; Steve gathered the slave business was likely very lucrative to go through such pains and expense to keep them. This place was a veritable maximum security prison Steve noted as he examined that the ceilings also held mirror encased cameras to watch all the comings and goings on in the house and hidden enough to not cheapen the rest of mansion's appearance.

The four continued down the corridor turning left to walk the length of the mansion to a set of double doors at the end of the hall. Nadia punched in a code and hit a large push button which caused both doors to swing open into a medical examining room. Steve's blood ran cold as he looked around the room at all the various instruments and restraints hanging on the walls.

There were 4 beds along the wall, and he could see a woman in her mid twenties with Latino features, long black hair, and olive toned skin was sleeping fitfully in one of them. A tall beautiful Asian woman also in her twenties was leaning over the Latino woman's bed and writing something down on a clipboard. She had a lab coat on, so Steve presumed she must be a doctor of sorts. When she saw the four enter the room, she turned dutifully towards the group and gave Nadia a winning smile. The two crossed the floor meeting in the middle and exchanged a friendly hug.

The Asian woman asked, "Good afternoon Nadia; I trust your trip to the states went well?"

Nadia grinned quite happy to see her good friend as she replied, "Better than expected actually; I have someone for you to meet. Melanie," Nadia twisted to the side to give Melanie a view of Steve before continuing, "This here is Steve. You remember me briefing you on him at the airport? He's going to need an examination along with shots."

Melanie gave Steve a dark smile as she replied, "Welcome to your new home Steve. I trust by the time you leave my office we'll have gotten to know each other quite well."

Steve swallowed hard feeling a tad nervous as he asked, "Shots? Shots for what?"

Nadia frowned in mild agitation at Steve as she quipped, "You weren't given free rein to speak. From now on, you will ask permission before opening your mouth."

Melanie put a hand on Nadia's shoulder as she remarked, "Take it easy girl; he is new after all."

Nadia visibly relaxed under her friend's touch as she responded, "This one has been warned already, but yes, you are right. I am tired, and not in the right frame of mind to be dealing with new arrivals. I'm sure you can take it from here." Nadia leveled her eyes on Steve before continuing, "Let us hope that I will not need to see you again this evening."

Steve's eyes went wide as he thought disconcertingly, 'I sure as hell hope not! ...Bitch.'

Nadia turned back to Melanie one last time before departing, "I'll be in the East wing if you encounter any problems. When you're finished with him, perhaps you can join me for a Brandy?"

Melanie smiled knowingly and gave Nadia a nod as she responded, "I think I can manage that."

As Nadia left, Melanie turned back to Steve who looked as nervous as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. She smiled at him with a warmness that Nadia lacked before telling him, "I give you permission to speak freely Steve as long as you can promise to behave yourself and do as you're instructed. Are we clear?"

Steve was surprised how fluently Melanie spoke English and only nodded as he studied her warily.

Again she smiled sweetly before gesturing to an examination table, "I'm going to need you to strip and climb up onto the table."

Steve glanced from Melanie back to the two men still standing vigilantly next to the door before letting go of a deep seeded sigh and proceeding to undress. It was embarrassing enough to have to strip down in front of Melanie with the very obvious marks left on his ass from the day before, and it was even worse to do so with Nadia's henchmen getting to witness it.

He kept telling himself that these people did this kind of thing for a living and likely saw similar situations on a daily basis and it shouldn't matter what they thought about him anyway because he had no choice in the matter of how he had been treated, but it did matter. His ego was such a huge part of his self image that even little instants such as this filled him with a loathing anger. He knew better than to express this anger by now though and just wordlessly undressed followed by carefully climbing on top of the cold steel examination table.

While Steve undressed, Melanie walked over to the cabinets against the wall and began pulling out various medical implements. Steve watched her in dreadful curiosity as she loaded up her nearby cart and rolled it over beside him. He was currently sitting in a slouched position on the edge of the table hands gripping the edge of the table tightly and body trembling slightly in anticipation.

She gave him a piteous smile before snapping a pair of gloves on and placing a stethoscope around her neck and adjusting the ear pieces to fit comfortably on her head. She moved over next to him and positioned the cold steel of the stethoscope against his chest instructing, "Take a deep breath."

Steve did so, and Melanie moved the instrument across his chest and back listening for any abnormalities. Upon finding none, she moved on with the examination having Steve stick out his tongue, checking his blood pressure, temperature, and taking blood samples for further lab work. All of this seemed routinely average to a normal doctor's visit, and when Melanie brought over a series of needles, Steve's nerves were set to rest when she told him that they were merely vaccines and inoculations standard for going to another country.

He didn't like needles, but the whole ordeal was said and done quite quickly. The last shot was a muscle shot, Melanie had saved it for last as the next part of the examination was the more unpleasant part, and it was much easier to have the patient already lying on their stomach.

Steve was not thrilled to hear where the shot would be injected and the size of said shot was intimidating on its own accord. "Can't you just stick it in my thigh?" He questioned hopefully as Melanie shook her head no.

"I need you to lay flat on your stomach for me please," Melanie instructed crisply.

Steve stared at her a long moment wondering if he could find a way to get out of this, but after a moment's careful consideration he decided that he liked Melanie's demeanor as it stood and really didn't want to anger her before she sunk that massive shot into his rear end.

He slowly slid back further on the table bringing his knees up on to its surface before rolling onto his stomach. Embarrassment flooded through him once more as he saw her looking over at his welts.

Her hand hovered a moment before gliding over his tender flesh, and Steve clenched reflexively prepared for pain. It didn't come much to his gratitude. She asked him, "I take it you've had quite a long trip?"

Steve didn't respond but rather just hung his head letting his eyes catch his reflection in the surface of the examination table. It looked how he felt, distorted and foggy.

Melanie did not demand an answer from him as she swabbed a particularly fleshy spot on Steve's bottom and picked up the shot. Steve immediately clenched as he saw her move forward with it sucking in a breath to prepare himself.

"You need to relax," Melanie warned.

Steve grumbled under his breath, "Easy for you to say."

Melanie knew it was going to hurt, but she also knew in order for the needle to penetrate and not break off in him she would have to get him to unclench, so she gave him a swift quick swat which caused Steve to clench then unclench as she assumed he would. Wasting no time she used this window to jab the needle in, inject the inoculation, and withdraw the needle quickly.

Steve of course squealed from both the swat and the needle prick turning to look at her incredulously as if she'd hit him upside the head with a two by four.

Melanie shrugged, "What? I told you to relax; you didn't, so I did what I know works. Besides, somehow I doubt it's the worst you've seen lately!"

Steve frowned at her bitterly before turning away sulkily.

Melanie gave the back of his head a smirk as she rolled her eyes at him. She was feeling in a particularly generous mood and pulled out some cold cream from one of the shelves on her cart and began applying the lotion across Steve's bottom and thighs.

Steve had grown rigid at Melanie's first point of application, but once he realized that the cream didn't burn and wasn't meant to hurt but rather to soothe, he visibly relaxed and let out a soft sigh. The cream did feel good, and Steve was happy that for once he was experiencing some form of compassion verses pain. It was a tad overwhelming as the thought settled in his brain that pain could and likely would become a very real part of his everyday life now.

His contemplation was interrupted as Melanie spoke, "That should make you feel a little better, and after you've been cleaned up, I'll have you brought back here for another application. But right now I need to do something a little less comfortable. I need you to slide down to the end of the table and let your feet touch the ground. Then I'm going to need you to spread your legs for me so I can check your prostate."

Steve's brow furrowed in disbelief that this was actually happening to him as he commented, "What? But... you don't have to do that... I'm healthy believe me!" It was a weak argument he knew, but if there was a shard of hope that he could talk her out of sticking her finger in him, he was going to try.

Melanie simply responded, "You might as well get used to the fact that it's going to happen. Now, I don't want to have to force this on you, but I will if you deem it to be necessary. I'm not going to have to go that route will I?"

Steve turned away again and pouted to himself a moment before slowly beginning to slide down the table until he was bent over its edge as Melanie had instructed. Spreading his legs apart was proving harder to bring himself to do, but Melanie waited patiently for him to comply.

Once Steve was in position, Melanie squeezed some gel on to her middle and index fingers before placing her other hand on the small of Steve's back to keep him in place. She didn't wait to see if he was ready bringing her gloved fingers up to his entrance to swirl the gel around in a quick circle to lube him before plunging both digits deeply in.

Steve had been expecting the intrusion, but it was still quite disagreeable, and he grunted in dismay clenching involuntarily on her fingers as she prodded him too thoroughly.

The examination only lasted about two minutes, but to Steve it felt like an eternity before Melanie finally retracted her fingers leaving him feeling rather violated and thankful it was over. She had put no emotion behind it remaining completely professional. Once she had finished she snapped the gloves off throwing them into a nearby wastebasket remarking, "You can get back up on the table now. See, that wasn't so bad now, was it?"

Steve snorted incredulity lacing his words as he climbed back up on the table, "You've got to be kidding me?"

Melanie laughed, "Well, the worst part is over. And as far as I can tell you are indeed healthy both inside and out. I'm sure that whomever ends up getting you will be quite happy with their purchase."

Steve's brow crinkled worriedly as he asked, "You mean I'm not staying here?"

Melanie smiled sweetly at him and patted his knee as she responded, "Oh honey; no one stays here for too long. This place is the training grounds where you'll learn what is expected of you before you are sold to the highest bidder. Although, I think Nadia might keep you a little longer than the rest since she's expressed an extreme interest in training you personally."

Steve responded grouchily, "Great. I feel so special." He weighed this new information wondering what was going to be worse, staying here, or getting sold off like property. Neither was appealing, and he would just have to wait and see what the future held. As it stood, it was looking pretty bleak.
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